Bright Blue Day: Work Experience students spill the beans on life at the Brand and Marketing Agency.

Bright Blue Day

Earlier this year, we arranged for several students to spend a week at Bournemouth based Creative Brand and Marketing Agency, Bright Blue Day.

Following on from their Work Experience, they were kind enough to share with us more about life at Bright Blue Day, and what they learnt in their time there.

Felix Kapfer:

During my Work Experience with the agency Bright Blue Day I’ve learned a lot more about web and media design. Bright Blue Day creates websites (along with other services) for clients e.g. Visa; HP or Symantec. They ensure their websites are still working and up to date. Bright Blue Day not only have Developer to develop websites, they also have a lot of other areas e.g. Social Media. in which they look after the social networks for companies, which means that they try to advertise the products from the clients over social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

Another area at Bright Blue Day is Graphic Design. They design new images that are needed for advertisement, including social media platforms. A lot of these images are also made to feature on the websites which the Developer created. To make sure that the clients are happy with it all and have no issues with anything, Bright Blue Day have to provide perfect correspondence. To correspond with the clients there is another department called customers support. They make sure that a client has everything they need, and all their wishes are fullfilled.

The next division that I present are the copywriters. These people write the text for companies for their website. This can include text that customers can download. A copywriter writes in a style that attracts the reader immediately by using very important words and sentences specific to the company/product. This is very important, as if a company wrote a long text about what the company is about, the reader won’t read everything, but if she/he sees at the first view some information that she/he is interested in, it may encourage the reader to read the whole text, which could persuade her/him to buy the product or service the company offers, or perhaps even recommend these products to some friends.

To sum it up we had a really good time here at the agency during the five days Work Experience. Everybody took really care about us and wanted us to get a better knowledge than when we started our week here at Bright Blue Day. To be honest, I know now a lot more about web design and advertisement than before. I had a really great time here at the Bright Blue Day agency.

Tristan Geistl:

During our week at Bright Blue Day we learned a lot about modern marketing. We explored a lot of different areas within the company and learnt a lot on how to make brands an every-day thing. We had a look at Front-/Backend Development which includes everything the user can see and the more complex system behind those nice pages. VISA, one of BBD’s main clients also got their website from BBD which is a very interesting fact since VISA is an international and very big company. BBD also has other clients such as Pittards, Symantec, Vodafone and Bournemouth University.

The work of BBD isn’t just limited to making websites, they also have a big team of costumer support staff that take care of their client’s needs and wishes, and Graphics and Video designers to do the graphics work on BBD’s projects. After a few days, we talked to many people from within Bright Blue Day and learned more about their jobs and what they do on an everyday basis.

Modern marketing doesn’t only mean make ads more modern, it also means keeping upwith the times. Digital advertising has a big problem, because many people use Adblockers to avoid ads. This makes it very hard to effectively advertise a product. Nowadays agencies like Bright Blue Day work with influencers (such as bloggers or Instagram stars) who show off or advertise products on their own websites, channels and social media, because websites also started to block you from accessing the website if you use an Adblocker.

Another part of BBD is Copywriting. This means a copywriter writes a text in a way that catches the reader’s attention and makes him read the article. There’s usually a time window of less than 10 seconds where a text can catch the reader’s attention so the writer really must make the reader want to finish reading the article.

After 5 days Work Experience here we really got an idea how everything works and we could also do some tasks on our own which gave us the feeling being part of BBD.

In conclusion, we can say it was an amazing week and it was interesting to learn more about Bright Blue Day.