Listening is Learning


This article has been guest written for Digital Horizons by Skeye Hewlett, Media Production student at Bournemouth University and Silicon South intern.

Something I have learnt during my internship is the best way to learn new things is to listen to the experiences of others. Not only are you broadening your knowledge of different things by doing this, you’re also taking the time to reflect on other people, and how they manage to navigate the world around them. Their experiences can help you learn to be better. Especially listening to senior professionals, they can tell you what not to do when having that important interview, or what’s the best way to capture an individual’s attention.

Of course, each person has their individual opinions and experiences, but this is exactly why it is so important to embrace all the advice and stories told to you. Think of it like this, Everywhere you walk you are surrounded by trees (an experienced person), from each tree you can take a seed ( A story or experience). Each seed you have in your pocket, you can use in the future to plant a new tree. By this I mean you can take a story or experience and refer to it at a later date. The advice that you have learnt will help you develop new relationships in your industry and the more people you meet, the more you know and the more likely you will gain the support you would like to achieve your goals.