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This article has been guest written for Digital Horizons by Mati Kettell.

Digital Horizons is an initiative designed to encourage the next generation of young talent into the digital, tech and creative industries. Agencies and organisations across Dorset have been making contributions. Bright Blue Day, for example, created this video to introduce the scheme.

Offering wisdom, advice and goodie bags
Recently we good-eggs at Bright Blue Day also received an invitation to set up shop at a series of careers fair style events, putting us in front of students approaching pivotal moments where they start to choose the type of career they want to pursue.

When talking with the students, it’s apparent that operating within today’s digital world is second nature. Their knowledge and skills around all things tech, social and digital is instinctive and intelligent. However, they seem to overlook the fact that there are careers that require these diverse skill-sets.

Many students hadn’t recognised that modern organisations need staff to manage various social media accounts taking the perfect Instagram shots or writing the perfect tweet. Today’s student, who’s a keen blogger, selfie addict or gaming enthusiast could be the next content creator, social media manager or developer with the skills to come up with new platforms and breakthrough web apps.

To illustrate the integration of physical and digital experience, we encouraged the students to get on their mobile phones and join in the conversation online. We sponsored a Snapchat geofilter which was used over 400 times during the two events, so even if the students would rather play on their phone than join in the activities, we may have still successfully given them an idea of the types of content we’re creating as a digital agency.

snapchat geofiltersnapchat geofilter

Alongside the careers fair, there were a series of talks from local businesses and companies who have an interesting story to tell relative to the digital industries. Here’s a few that I was able to catch:

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

An inspiring story to people of all ages, Jimmy took the stage to explain his unexpected business journey, offering the UK a really good Iced Coffee and how digital platforms helped him get across the message of a charismatic brand that has been brought to life online through social media and engaging content. Jimmy’s brand has used the medium of digital to captivate a dedicated target audience through ways that wouldn’t have been possible even 10 years ago. Jim takes his offline activity and shares it with the world on social media to an audience you couldn’t imagine without digital.


Megan was on stage representing one of our beloved clients at Bright Blue Day, RNLI, to describe her experience working in the digital industry as an apprentice, bypassing a traditional higher education route and learning on the job. Her advice is simple and effective, to try something, be persistent and get experience out there in the digital industry.

3 Sided Cube

3 Sided Cube have created many apps, with lots of successful projects for the public and third sector organisation. An organisation fuelled by a social purpose mixed with a flair for digital creativity, amongst many things they created the app that allows you to follow the journey of your blood donation. This is the hit app that won the team at 3 Sided Cube a webby award, putting themselves alongside Kim Kardashian and Michelle Obama to show kids that we actually do some pretty damn cool stuff in this line of work.

& there were many more interesting talks from awesome figures of the local digital community however I wasn’t fortunate enough to catch them!

Digital Horizons is an ongoing initiative bringing technology, creative and digital opportunities to local young people through innovative education and networking, events work experience and skills workshops.

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