Junior SEO Consultant

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Junior SEO consultants are responsible for providing support and advice to clients hoping to increase their organic search rankings.

Work activities

A Junior SEO consultant will help to create and shape an effective SEO campaign. They will also analyse and research a site's target demographic and compare their current traffic and ranking to their competitors. They must also deduce the most appropriate and well searched keywords to target, and will ensure that any content on the site is optimised for them.

Working conditions

Working hours are normally 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, though you may need to start earlier or work past 5pm or on weekends in order to meet deadlines.

Entry requirements

Whilst qualifications aren't necessary, it is recommended that applicants have a degree in a technical subject. It is possible to acquire an entry level position with on-the-job training, without having a technical degree. It is useful to run a website or keep an online blog in order to provide some experience in web-development and social media. It is also possible to enter digital apprenticeships to acquire this role.

Job income

  • The average salary falls between £22,000 to £35,000 annually
  • Figures are intended as a guideline only

Benefits and prospects

Junior SEO Consultants have promotion opportunities and may advance to roles such as SEO Consultant.


  • Research and analyse the target market to discover which terms are commonly used when searching for similar products
  • Write engaging content that uses the selected keywords in order to increase the site's visibility in search engines
  • Use common SEO tools to ensure that web pages are optimised for the selected keywords

Skills and qualities

  • Have a logical approach to problem solving
  • Enjoy experimenting with new ideas
  • Have strong written and oral communication skills
  • Have an interest in human behaviour and interaction with technology
  • Work comfortably alone or within a team
  • A good understanding of search engine algorithms and their impact on SEO strategies
  • Be able to write engaging content that will appeal to the target demographic
  • Great planning and organisational skills