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Which school do you go to? And what year are you in?

Which industry do you see yourself working in? If you're not sure, that's ok. We will help you find the job that is right for you.

On a hot summers day, would you rather sit inside and relax by yourself or go outside and hang out with friends?

When making an important decision, would you sit down and think about the options or would you go with your gut instinct?

Do you like to take charge or do you prefer to go with the flow?

When faced with a problem, do you prefer to solve it with a method you know works or would you rather experiment and try a new solution?

What would you say you are like?

Please select the three that best describe you.

Friendly and easy to talk to.
The ability to speak fluently and coherently.
Enjoy working hard to complete tasks.
Strong self-control to remain motivated while completing tasks.
Prefer to be separate from other people.
Motivated or determined to complete tasks.
Can direct a great deal of attention towards a task.
Favour innovation and development.
Ready to give help to those in need.
Able to motivate and inspire others.
Have a great attention to detail.
Have strong beliefs and care about the work you do.
Able to tolerate delays without becoming annoyed or anxious.
Good at convincing others to perform actions.
Enjoy dressing in a professional manner.
Have a pleasant appearance and manner.
Good at responding to issues that may arise.
Enjoy taking control and being in charge of a project.
Show skill and sensitivity when dealing with difficult issues.

How do you like to approach things?

Please select the three that best describe how you approach things.

Have a confident and forceful personality.
Prefer to analyse a problem to find a solution.
Have a natural creative skill.
Strongly believe in your skills and abilities.
Dedicated to the work that you do.
Enjoy using your imagination to create original ideas.
Highly productive while working on a task.
Keep a positive outlook and enjoy working.
Have a creative and inventive mind.
Enjoy learning new things.
Quick to notice issues or details.
Intelligent and well informed.
Work in organised manner.
Work and think in a clear and precise manner.
Have a determined mind set.
Prefer to perform tasks rather than focus on theory or ideas.
Doesn't give up when faced with a challenge.

What are you like in groups?

Please select the three that best describe how you are in a group.

Able to adjust to new conditions.
Prefer to work by yourself.
Can handle criticism and work to resolve issues.
Good at solving problems with creative solutions.
Good at making tough and important decisions.
Can share ideas and talk with others clearly and easily.
Can work effectively in stressful situations.
Can conduct clear and informative presentations.
Good at resolving issues between other people.
Can effectively perform multiple tasks at once.
Excellent time management and an organised approach to work.
Good at solving issues that may appear.
Good knowledge of objects in relation to others in a given space.
Good at planning how to attain the greatest benefits in the future.
Can work and communicate well in a team.

What interests you?

Please select the three that best describe your interests.

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Welcome to the Digital Horizons Job Archive! Here you can find detailed information for a variety of jobs across multiple sectors. If you are looking for a new career, why not have a go at our Job Finder game or take the job quiz to discover which jobs are perfect for you!

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Job Category Advertising Icon
Junior Account Planner
Advertising / Marketing / Branding

Junior Account Planners are responsible for representing consumers in an advertising agency. They provide the consumer insights on which an advertising campaign is built. Junior…

Job Category Advertising Icon
Advertising Account Planner
Advertising / Marketing / Branding

Advertising Account Planners are responsible for planning advertising campaigns which meet the client's requirements, target the right audience and deliver results.

Job Category Advertising Icon
Advertising and Account Executive
Advertising / Marketing / Branding

Advertising Account Executives handle all client liaison between an advertising agency and its clientele.