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VFX / Animation at Outpost VFX

Q: What is your job and what does your typical day involve?

A: My job here at Outpost is Junior 3D Artist, however after starting off as a trainee, Outpost have given me the opportunity to learn both 3D and 2D aspects of VFX. I now switch between both 3D and 2D when needed.

Q: How did you decide that you wanted to be a part of your industry?

A: I started video editing at the age of 13, creating gaming videos. This slowly turned into a passion and something I knew I wanted to take further.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your industry?

A: The thing I enjoy most about the industry it the people I work with and working together on projects. Overtime can be a pain but when we're all in the same boat working on something we're passionate about it's really good fun.

Q: Since starting your job, what's your greatest achievement?

A: My greatest achievement to this day was creating a 3D asset from start to finish in 2 days when I was still very new to 3D.

Q: Where were you born, and what made you come to Bournemouth?

A: I was born in Bournemouth and never wanted to leave.

Q: What do you remember about your first day at your job?

A: My first day was mainly learning and shadowing people in the studio to see how things worked and what goes on.

Q: When you were a child, what did you want to be?

A: As a child I always wanted to be a rugby player, but when I started creating content at home more I realised that was what I really wanted.

Q: When was the last time you learnt something new?

A: I learn something new every day here. Today I learnt a new expression in After Effects which made a long process really simple.

Q: What was your first job?

A: My first job was at Costa as a Barista

Q: How are your company's Christmas parties?

A: Our Christmas parties are pretty unique. Last year we went Clay Pigeon Shooting. We've also been Jet skiing, and then in the evening we all go to a bar.

Q: What was the best advice somebody gave you?

A: The best advice I have been given is to stay positive no matter what, and never stop working for something you believe in!

Q: What would you name the autobiography of your life?

A: My autobiography would be called ''A long way to go"

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