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Digital Horizons is an initiative designed to help encourage the next generation of young talent into the digital, tech and creative industries.

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Film – VFX/SFX

The UK boasts some of the greatest Visual Effects (VFX) and Special Effects (SFX) companies in the world, who work on everything from blockbuster AAA movie titles to TV programmes and everywhere in between.

Creative / Digital

Pretty much everything you see, read and consume has at some point been developed by a marketing, PR and communications person. Whether it’s the adverts on TV, the tweets from your favourite brands or those in app purchase nudges, someone from a marketing discipline has been involved.


With every modern business operating a website and a whole host of different organisations building their own software and applications, the development scene is booming in the UK. If you’re the kind of person who revels in building beautiful code, creating awesome apps or coding the best sites, then becoming a developer could be the career for you.


The video games industry in the UK is the largest in Europe and is known as a world class place for video game development. With a mass of highly rated studios and a huge level of excellence in all types of games from: RTS to indie to mobile there are a huge variety of careers available.

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